3 Simple Things You Can Do to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile


Headshot Pro-tips

Headshot checklist

  1. Are you in the centre?
  2. Are you smartly dressed to represent your business/brand?
  3. Do you have a friendly, approachable expression?
  4. Is the photo recent?
  5. Have you cropped it to head and shoulders?
  6. Can you clearly see your face?
  7. Is there anyone else in the picture?
  8. Have you used a neutral background?
  9. Is the lighting soft?
  10. Have you renamed your file with your name and keywords?


Headline dos and don’ts

  • Include keywords (to help your SEO ranking)
  • Make it stand out with emojis
  • Utilise the 220-character limit
  • Make sure it’s relevant to what you do
  • Use the divider symbol (|) to separate text
  • Be succinct
  • Use the default headline ‘Job Title at Company’ — instead, customise and personalise YOUR headline
  • Write ‘looking for new opportunities’ — it looks desperate
  • Put the term LION in your headline (LinkedIn Open Networker) — it looks spammy and dated
  • Make spelling mistakes — it will damage your credibility and professionalism
  • Use acronyms or industry jargon

The ‘About’ Section

  • Speak directly to your target market
  • Tell your clients how you can help them
  • It should be keyword optimised
  • Use all 2600 characters
  • Make use of formatting
  • It should be written in the first person — it’s YOUR LinkedIn profile, so should be YOU talking directly

Recommended Structure

  1. Who am I? (You 20%)
  2. Who I help (Your ideal clients — 80%)
  3. Get in touch (call to action/CTA)

Who am I? (20%)

Who I help (80%)

Get in touch (Call To Action/CTA)

Optimising Your ‘About’ Section

  • A huge block of text can be hard to read and off-putting. Break it up into sections to draw the viewer’s eye to your key information.
  • Use emojis to create bullet points and break up sections — Emojipedia is a great resource.
  • Use formatting to make key phrases stand out. Pro-tip — you can convert key phrases into bold text using sites such as Lingojam and then paste them into your LinkedIn profile
  • Use keywords to improve your search ranking
  • Use Bitly links to drive traffic to your website — but check to make sure they work!
  • Include a call to action
  • Ensure your spelling and grammar are correct — get someone to proofread your profile.



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Nick Bagga

Nick Bagga

I’m Nick, The SME Strategist. I’m a marketing consultant specialising in helping businesses to grow by leveraging social selling & lead generation on LinkedIn.